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Project Description
Nameless Sprite Editor is a tool used to thoroughly edit the graphics in ALL Game Boy Advance games.


- Currently programmed in C#; requires the latest .net framework to function properly.


  • Edit the graphics stored in the ROM
  • A navigator with dynamic preview
  • Gray-scale editing
  • Full support for 16 and 256 color graphics
  • Full support for standard and Lz77 compressed data
  • Real time turbo decompression
  • High-Quality Compression (NSE will shrink data to as small a size as possible)
  • Re-pointing functions
  • ADVANCED Re-pointing with select-able offsets
  • SAFETY Re-pointing (offsets will end in multiples of 4)
  • Full Expanded ROM support (up to 32MB)
  • A BookMarking engine (unlimited bookmarks and folders)
  • Support for multiple BookMark files (*.nbmx)
  • Full NSL (Nameless Sprite Library *.nslx) support
  • Export sprites as indexed Bitmaps or store entire collections in a NSL
  • Import data from BMP's, PNG's, NSL's, ACT's (all with support for 16 an 256 color )
  • Import ACT's from VBA to make editing 256 color images practical
  • Saving with free-space, auto-abort, SAFETY Re-pointing, and auto-magic Book Mark correction!
  • Edit multiple sprites at once
  • Pencil, Re sizable Brush, Fill-Bucket, and Eyedropper
  • Real-time Palette Editing
  • X and Y Rulers
  • 10x Zoom Ctrl+/-
  • Undo and Redo incorporation (Ctrl+z and Ctrl+shift+z)
  • Color swapping(ctrl) and alternating(alt) (click in palette editor)
  • Insert/Inject Image and palette data (normal or compressed)
  • PLUGINS!!! Make NSE do anything! Plug-ins are written in any .net language (C#, C++, J#, and have full access to all NSE libraries
  • Random acts of kindness, you'll see
  • A ton more and more on the way!

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